Birthday Boy


I'm a little late posting this, but what's new? Elijah turned nine on Halloween. We had a small gathering of friends at our house for pizza, cake, and trick or treating. Each year on his birthday, Elijah brings together both sets of parents, three little sisters and friends from school with such grace; One moment joking with a boy his age, the next picking up his baby sister.


Loving, funny, smart, and gloriously silly. We love you, Eli. Next year, double digits. Oh my.

Every Fall


Life has been busy lately. Sometimes I feel like being an adult is way too hard. (You, too? I know I can't be alone on this...) Whenever I feel this way, I remind myself that after a good night of sleep or two, it will feel a bit more manageable and I will find myself enjoying the days again and taking on responsibilities with enthusiasm. It seems to cycle like that; a few weeks of energy and excitement, a few of overwhelm and stress, then back again. I guess that's the way it goes. All that is to say that if it weren't for the little ones' insistence, I am sure we would not have taken the time to run around this silly 'farm', go on hay rides and drink apple cider slushies. I'm grateful we have these sweet little souls to remind us to take a moment to enjoy the sunshine and the crisp air. They were right. What is Fall without the farm?


This is our attempt at a nice seasonal picture of me and the kids. Apparently not even I could manage to look at the camera. .. Nice.


This coming week is Eli's birthday. There is a lot of excitement over here and quite a lot of preparations to be done. Oh my! Better get back to it. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

the 4th, 2013


We always spend the Fourth of July hanging out at this spot on the water. I get really excited every year leading up to the holiday. Not only do we have the most fantastic view of the fireworks, but it's an evening with family, dear friends from out of town, and neighbors. I just love it. The kids do, too.


And now there are four blogged years of the Fourth.

celebrations of spring


After the slow months of Winter, morning walks through almost empty city streets and a sun that sets before dinner, the last few weeks of Spring have been nothing short of exhilarating. I find myself smiling a silly amount of the time and practically skipping along as we welcome our new Spring rhythm. We head out of the house early, find ourselves at the book store one morning, the Science Center the next. We stop by the playground and run some errands on the way home, picking up something fresh for dinner. Our waterfront town is bustling now with neighbors and visitors.


On top of all that, there are the many springtime gatherings with family and friends. We celebrate another turn around the sun for Fiona and a different holiday with each side of the family. Oh yes, it is Spring, and life feels lighter, brighter and full of possibility.


for luck


Our St. Patrick's Day activities yesterday continued with a couple shamrock inspired crafts. These themed holiday crowns are becoming a regular around here. You can't help but feel festive with a crown on!

To make a crown, just cut a strip of crown paper (I bought ours at our local Waldorf School, but I found it online here.), cut a shape out of wool felt with two slits in it, then slip it over the paper. I punched two holes in the back and tied a bow through them with ribbon to secure the ends together, but you could also use a stapler or tape.


We also made some shamrock bracelets. These have become a regular craft, too. They are a modified version of our Fairy Head Wreaths. I just narrowed down the flower color palette to green! I bought the paper flowers at my local craft store and punched two holes in each flower. The kids thread the thin ribbon through and we tie the ends in a bow.

Oh, another quick note. For both of these crafts, I used my 1/8" hole punch. If you don't have one, get one! You will not believe how many reasons you'll find to use it. (I have actually had this conversation with other crafty mamas. It's a must.)


After all the singing, crafting and celebrating, it seems our little leprechaun had a late night. I found him passed out on his rainbow this morning. ;)


I'm feeling kind of low energy today. It's a cold, blustery day and it's as apparent as ever how affected I am by the weather. Oh please, Spring, you can't come soon enough. I am long overdue for some leisurely, wandering walks in the bright sun.

the little leprechaun


At circle time all week, we've been singing St. Patrick's Day songs. I didn't know any off the top of my head and wasn't having much luck searching my books or googling, so I asked Sarah Baldwin of Bella Luna Toys if she had any suggestions. She was kind enough to share this little song on her Facebook page: (She also shared many more with me over email. Thanks so much, Sarah! These cute songs made our week.)

The little leprechaun went skipping 'cross the ground.
He found a four-leaf clover with petals all around.
He made a secret wish that his day be filled with joy.
Then he ran to share his luck with every girl and boy!
(To the tune of "Itsy Bitsy Spider")

Much of Fiona and Elsa's pretend play has centered around the holiday, too. They have been pretending to be little leprechauns. Stealing 'gold', playing tricks and generally being little trouble-makers. (Hm, sounds familiar.)

Today, I have a special day planned. We started the morning by dressing in green and singing songs. Then I told them I had a special surprise. Fiona asked, "Is it a little leprechaun toy?!" Um, yes! Apparently, I am quite predictable!


I made a little costume for one of our dollhouse dolls. It turned out quite cute. I am aware that this little project could easily fall into the this girl has way too much time on her hands category, so to be clear, this took me less than one episode of The Americans to finish. ;)


I have a few little crafts planned for the rest of the day and I'll share those tomorrow. Hope you all are having a lovely week!

if you were there


Thanks to some late night crafting, the kids found these heart pocket necklaces waiting for them this morning. I filled each with chocolates (which might have been their favorite part! Hah!). And yes, my kids had chocolate for breakfast.


To You

I think I could walk

through the simmering sand

if I held your hand.

I think I could swim

the skin shivering sea

if you would accompany me.

And run on ragged, windy heights,

climb rugged rocks

and walk on air.

I think I could do anything at all,

if you were there.

~Karla Kuskin

Happy Valentine's Day, my wee ones. I am a bigger, better and braver person because you are here.