My Children's Art Prints at aMuse!

I am so excited to announce that my children's art prints are now available at my favorite (and local!) toy store, aMuse! They are currently carrying my Transportation Series and we have big plans to expand the line to other prints and products. Oh, the possibilities! I love that my prints are alongside so many of our favorite picture books. It bordered on embarrassing how many times Fiona exclaimed, "We have this book!" (I can't help myself!)

The girls and I stopped by the Quarry Lake location today to visit and check out the display (and the toys, obviously!) and we arrived just in time for Story Time! The girls were excited and we will definitely attend again. It is held every Tuesday at 11am if your kids love books as much as mine do.

I think Fiona and Elsa would agree that there are some major perks to having a Mama working with aMuse!

Fiona's Comic


I just posted this to Instagram, but the small image really didn't do it justice. Fiona and I worked on creating some comics a bit today after she's shown an interest in Toon Books, even asking, Mama, can I have a million comics? Can I have all the comics in the world? Being the sucker that I am (with a very weak spot for books, and a very very week spot for books with pictures...), I said of course, and now comics are the new thing around here.

All I did was create the comic storyboard template and let her go to town. She came up with the story, images and words, just asking for help with spelling. When she finished drawing and writing, she asked me to color it in for her and I obliged. As usual, I am blown away by Fiona's work. I am so amazed that this tiny person has such big ideas.

(The comic goes like this: First, a mama fairy and her daughters are hanging out, then an evil witch zaps the mama. The daughters say, "Oh no!" and, "She's hurt!" Then the mama feels better and the daughters say, "Mommy! You're better!" and the mama says "Oh thank you, kids!" And the evil witch says "Hmph!")

My Print Included in Oh Joy for Nod!

Photo by Sasha Gulish for The Land of Nod

I am so excited to share with all of you a project that I've been looking forward to for some time. The Oh Joy for Nod kids' bedding and decor collection was released last week and included is my very own illustration, Car Love. See it up there, directly above the yellow bed and below the adorable collection of moths? I can hardly believe it. To have a piece of mine selected by Joy and carried by The Land of Nod is huge!

Head over to The Land of Nod to explore the whole collection, or learn more about the inspiration for the collection on Oh Joy!

Fiona's Art Shop

We invited family over this weekend to celebrate Fiona's birthday with a morning of food and art. Fiona has been planning and dreaming for months about selling her artwork at an art fair, so for her birthday, we made it happen.

I bought some blank cards and envelopes, set out our usual art supplies of graphite pencils, colored pencils, beeswax crayons and watercolors, then Fiona, along with her siblings and cousins, created designs on the blank cards. When they were finished with their cards, we tied a little string with a tag with the artist's name on each. After cake and singing, the adults were invited to purchase cards for a quarter each.

Fiona loved it. I have a feeling this isn't her last fair.

Family, food and art. Ah yes, good stuff.

my darling dancer


If there was any doubt before, I believe this post makes it official that there is nothing cuter in the whole wide world than a little girl in a leotard. Well, perhaps two little girls. (Soon, Elsa!)

Leotard cuteness through the years... if you can handle it:

Ballet Class, Oh my! (2012)
My Prima Ballerina (2012)
Baby Gymnast, Part Deux (2011)
Baby Gymnast (2011) (So little!)

Elsa & Clare


I always question whether to post these little experiments in watercolor or gouache because I have so little experience with the mediums. But hey, what's a blog for if not to document the process?

I enjoyed the drawing stage a lot. I really love drawing with graphite and should do it more, but because I'm not really comfortable with watercolors yet, that stage was kind of stressful. I pretty much felt like I was messing up my drawing the whole time. Ha! I still kind of think that looking at it now. I'm hoping to continue making these little paintings and getting comfortable with watercolors.


What I absolutely do love about this little painting is that it's of my sweet Elsa and her doll Clare, who used to be Fiona's doll, but has been adopted by Elsa with big sister's permission. :)

Happy Monday, friends! May your week be gloriously ordinary.