fiona's montessori basket

Being Fiona's first teacher is a lot of pressure, but what I'm realizing is that the most natural thing to do is often the right thing to do. Putting together this little basket of goodies took about ten minutes. I just gathered objects I already had in my home, put them in a basket, and sat Fiona down next to it! There is nothing sweeter than watching my little girl play enthusiastically with a piece of lace. I love thinking of all the babies before her who also played with Mama's wooden spoon.

I was spurred into action by Finnian's treasure basket, but I am also a Montessori kid myself with a shelf full of references I inherited from my Montessori-certified dad.

Fiona's basket has pieces of felt, jersey, two types of lace, a small corduroy bag, a wooden spoon, a metal spoon, and a glass jar of sesame seeds.

Who needs toys that blink lights, play music, vibrate and spin? Not my baby, she has a bit of felt to keep her occupied. And when the basket of goodies loses it's luster, we go for a walk.