happy birthday elijah!

Elijah turned five on Halloween. Inspired by the reversible cape over on Katie Did, I made Elijah one with Batman on one side and "The Halloween King" (said in a spooky voice) on the other. He was so cute switching back and forth between the two all morning. The other part of the surprise was that his beloved baby sister would be dressing as Batgirl (!) for Halloween.

I so look forward to the day that Fiona has special things that spark her imagination like Elijah does. Elijah loves Batman and All Things Spooky. What will Fiona love? I can't wait to find out...

I loved making these capes. It was really fun cutting out and hand sewing all of the felt parts. You can sit on the couch! And sew! At the same time!

Check back later in the week for more craftiness surrounding Elijah's birthday!