elijah's birthday, part two

Since making Fiona's birthday crown (seen here), I couldn't wait to make Elijah's. You got a sneak peak in this post. Well, Elijah's crown puts Fiona's to shame. I just love it. I want to make crowns and capes all day long! Unfortunately, Elijah found his crown itchy (it's made out of wool felt), so I will be making a lining for it in time for his next birthday. Or, maybe I'll just use that as an excuse to make ANOTHER crown!

I also made new flags. The last ones I made for Fiona's 6 months birthday were kind of thrown together last minute, so I wanted to make new ones. They needed to look pretty in the house, but not be too girly, so hopefully these are more gender neutral.

There's a lot going on around here, so it's been hard to blog as regularly as I would like. Both family-wise and work-wise, I have been crazy busy. But, there will be some exciting things coming soon to show for it!