a vintage quilt for the bedroom

This weekend was the last Fells Point flea market of the year and I picked up this beautiful old quilt. It's in pretty bad shape, but so intricate and lovely. I love thinking of the woman who hand stitched this, working quietly every night for months as her children slept upstairs, long before TV and the internet came along to distract from this kind of very purposeful and meaningful work.

Because it's in far from perfect shape, I am actually considering using it on our bed. The original inspiration for the look of our bedroom is the quilt hanging over the arm of the chair in the picture below (a better shot can be seen in this post). My late grandmother gave it to me when Sheldon and I got married. It is one of my very favorite things. The quilt is a work of art, really, and actually using it is out of the question (especially since we still share our bed with the little lady), so this new old quilt might be perfect.

And here's a look at the rest of the bedroom. It's changed a lot since this post a little over a year ago. So much for narrowing my color palette... That didn't last.

When I showed this ottoman to Sheldon, he said, "Eh, it kind of looks like Mad Men," like that is a bad thing...

Our bedroom has a bit of a different color scheme than the rest of the house, which is made up of warmer, earthier colors. The bedroom has a lighter, brighter feel and white walls.

This room is also the home of the only painting of mine that is hung in our house. Sheldon insisted and having it on the wall has grown on me. I get less critical of my own work with time, so after many months of looking at it, the flaws have faded and I can appreciate it a bit more. Fiona points at it and says "Mama!" every morning.