a new space


I've been stalking Craigslist for the better part of a year waiting for a set of Waldorf playstands to be listed, and a couple weeks ago, my stalking paid off! They are kind of big for our small row house and a lot of rearranging had to happen, but I am so excited to have this new little space for Fiona to play (work!) in. The set even came with a beautiful rainbow playsilk.

I can't wait to see the many forms I'm sure the playstands will take as she grows up... forts, puppet theaters, markets... and that's the beauty of open-ended playthings. The idea of a playstand is such a simple concept that allows the child to fill in the blanks. Leaving room for imagination (I believe) is so important for a child's growth as a whole person. I have tried to provide Fiona with a quiet, calm environment with room to think and create. This has meant no TV during the day (and very limited TV in the evening), simple, natural (battery free!) toys and hopefully a relatively clutter-free environment (which sometimes doesn't happen!).


Fiona loves the set up. She immediately made herself right at home...


While we were at it, we also set up a new little reading nook...