elijah's mail kit

Elijah's interest in reading and writing has really blossomed recently. He especially loves writing letters and delivering them to family members and neighborhood friends, covertly leaving his notes in mailboxes to surprise (or scare! depending on the message...) their recipients. So, for his 6th birthday, we put together a Mail Kit. We included personalized letterhead, envelopes, stamps, a vintage typewriter and a handmade mailbag. When he opened the mailbag, he let out a gasp and exclaimed, "I am a mailman!"

How awesome is that typewriter? It had been long forgotten at my in-laws house, but with a little greasing, it was as good as new. For Elijahs letterhead, I just typed out his name with "Fells Point" below it in a nice font (the font is Emigre's Blockhead for those interested in that kind of thing). Very simple, and you don't have to be a designer to do it. Just center your type at the top of the page. Elijah loves it and insists on using this very official paper for all of his correspondence.

He got right to work typing thank you notes and delivering them to his friends who came to his birthday party.

Each time I avoid mainstream kids' products, and go for something simpler, handmade or thrifted, I am so thrilled by how well-received it is by the children. I dare say that this sweet, vintage typewriter may be his very favorite thing at the moment. The "mail" I've received from this boy in the last couple weeks has been awesome. Oh, the funny, insightful and interesting things that come out of this kid's mouth... or fingertips, as the case may be.

Happy birthday, dear Elijah. We will always look forward to mail from our boy.

Oh! And there may be a tutorial to come for this mailbag a la the Birdwatching Bags!