halloween, take two: duck

Fiona loves birds and during our daily walks we almost always see some mallard ducks. I got the original inspiration for the costume on inchmark. Ironing the felt to create the look of feathers is such a good idea!

I made a little jumper out of jersey with sewn rows of felt 'feathers' on it. Then I made the wings and sewed them on at the shoulder.

Fiona wore her costume to Elijah's sixth birthday party (which I'll be posting about soon!), but due to a late naptime on Halloween, we never did make it to trick or treating. I'm a little disappointed, but I learned a long time ago not to wake a sleeping baby. Fiona did get to experience the other end of trick or treating when she woke up. She very quickly picked up on the concept, jumping up and grabbing the candy basket when the doorbell rang.

It might be a little ridiculous to spend this amount of time on something that will only be worn for a couple hours, but the good news is that this past week has totally broken me out of my sewing strike. It had been months since I'd taken out my sewing machine, but with crafting season officially here, I'm excited that the sewing machine is back!

Sweet baby duck.