the family table

With a Mama who still hasn't figured out how to cook, a six year old who is a very picky eater and a nineteen month old who can't sit still, family dinners in this house sometimes take a turn toward the chaotic. We are lucky that Sheldon is good cook (and a good sport!) and makes almost all of our meals, but I still want this family time to be richer. Richer with warmth and appreciation for what we have - each other and good food to eat.

I wrote out some meal blessings on cards, but these proved to be not quite durable enough to be kept on the kitchen table (that is also the art table!) so, I designated this new notebook to hold all of our family meal blessings.

I have a couple in there already that we've borrowed from Waldorf traditions, but I hope that this book can be with us for years. I'd like for it to grow with our family, with additions from the children and from us when we find a new blessing that speaks to us or we write one of our own.

What are your family's mealtime rituals? Do you have any favorite blessings we could add to our book?