a birthday blizzard!

Happy Birthday, Sheldon! The biggest gift was what I'm sure will come to be known in future years as the blizzard of twenty-ten.

Elijah made Daddy a very special bookmark with a drawing of "Daddy with a shirt on that's too small, that's why you see his belly button." Love it.

The key-holder was a gift from me. At a holiday art market Sheldon and I went to at the Creative Alliance this past Christmas, we had seen these really awesome metal key holders with maps and cityscapes on them. (Anyone know who makes those? I couldn't find a website.) We loved them, but they were a bit out of our price-range, so when I saw this key-holder (50% off!) at a local shop, I was so excited! It had a kind of cheesy restaurant sign in it, so I replaced that with the map we used to get around Edinburgh when we got married! Perfect!