birdwatching bags!

Since Fiona's party and birthday crown had a bird theme, I just had to make birdwatching bags for the big kids! Each messenger bag contains a birdwatching book, a small sketch book, a colored pencil and a little bag of birdseed.

I was just a tiny bit worried that these wouldn't be cool enough for the big kids, but I was wrong! They loved it! Each went through the book pointing out birds they've seen before and drawing birds in their sketchbooks! I was so happy!

The babies each received a small tote bag with a board book in it: In My Nest by Sara Gillingham. The illustrator is Lorena Siminovich. Check out the rest of her illustrations. So cute!

Edited to add: My birdwatching Bags are now featured in Rhythm of the Home Magazine! Check it out!