All of this makes me a little nervous. I have never been good at putting myself out there. (I know, I know, I have a blog... that I... put out there.) Fear of rejection is, I'm sure, a hurdle for most. What if I spell something wrong on my blog? What if no one reads it? What if people do read it and think what's the point?

Well, here I am. Putting myself out there. Because that's what I would want Fiona to do.

I recently read NurtureShock. What a revelation! The authors' take on the inverse power of praise spoke so much to my experience growing up. As a kid and teenager, I would never want to prove someone wrong who thought I was [insert positive adjective here.] So, I wouldn't try so that any potential failure could be blamed on lack of effort. Not all the time, but sometimes, when I felt vulnerable.

So, here goes, world. I'm trying. I'm trying to make the blog interesting, I'm trying to take pretty pictures, I'm trying to make nice things, but most of all, I'm trying to be a good mother. I'm trying really hard. This is for you, Fiona. Please, my dear, don't ever be too scared to try. Whoever you really are is good enough.