pirate mama

Last Friday started out like any other Friday. Fiona and I got dressed, stopped by the coffee shop, then went to meet Grammie. While sitting in the car talking with my mom, Fiona was innocently sitting on my lap playing with my sunglasses. That's when all my plans for the next three days went flying out the window. Fiona poked me in the eye with my sunglasses. Really. Hard.

We drove straight to the eye doctor and I was told that I did in fact have a "pretty badly" scratched cornea. Although it was good to have verfification from an optometrist, I could've told you that since this wasn't my cornea's first run in with a sharp object. In second grade a girl poked me in the eye while playing soccer during recess. Do you remember how kids that age play soccer?! Yeah, there were like ten people herding around the ball.

Anyway, I was sent home with a big patch taped over my left eye. I wore that eye-patch for about a day, but when I took it off Saturday morning, my eye wasn't quite ready to see the light of day. So, for the next 24 hours, I wore Elijah's pirate eye-patch that I made him for Privateer Day.

Pirate Mama!

I am finally able to open both eyes, but wow those first two days were awful. Like, really awful.