devil horns for kimmie's bachelorette!

This weekend was Kimmie's Bachelorette Party. It was my first night in all of Fiona's 15 months that I wasn't home to put her to sleep. So, Sheldon had the distinct pleasure of staying up with her while she waited for Mama to come home... at 2 am.

The great news was she was in a good mood the whole time. No frantic crying, no panic. In fact, when I walked in the door, she didn't even go nuts. She just looked at me sweetly and said, "Mama," like, "oh good, you're home." It was so great to know Fiona is confident that Mama always comes home.

Now for the fun stuff... To add to the festivities, I made devil horns for all the girls. They were pretty easy and are definitely a project kids can help with. Elijah was stuffing the horns while I sewed them.

You just need a headband, felt and some fill:

Fold the felt in half, sew the sides, leaving a hole at the bottoms of both sides. Stuff it, then slip the horns on the headband. I used hot glue to close up the holes and adhere it to the headband, but you could also hand sew it, since you probably won't be making 12 pairs!

And since this night was all about the bride-to-be, I put a veil on Kimmie's:

Elijah contributed a drawing to the party decor, even though he was a little bummed about losing his "girlfriend" to his buddy Jason.

The rest of the festivities probably don't fit the theme of this blog. ;) So, I'll leave you with a picture of some of us in our horns...

Congratulations, Kimmie! We love you!