fiona's day at the farm

I love living in the city. I love walking everywhere. I love never having to use my car. I love that I run into friends everywhere I go. I love feeling like I'm in the center of things. I love the stong sense of community. I love the special bond shared with other parents who chose to stay and raise their children in our imperfect, but charming city, so rich with life and culture. I love that Fiona is exposed to so many different kinds of people every day.

But, whenever I spend a little time out in the country, where I grew up, I am reminded of the quiet... And the space... Soooo much space. If we ever left the city, it wouldn't be for a suburb. We would have to go all the way with it. It would have to be for somewhere like this.

The CSA that my parents are members of, One Straw Farm, had a little picnic this past weekend. I got a glimpse into a life with children so different from my own. Fiona ran and ran. I just watched her from our picnic blanket, with no worry of busy streets or scary dogs... or scary people. I felt a little guilty that Fiona doesn't get more of this...

The farm was beautiful.

Fiona couldn't be contained. Don't pick me up, Mama! I'm busy running! And not stopping!