cloth everything!

I began my cloth diapering journey about a year ago. I went back and forth between gDiapers, cloth diapers and disposables for many months. I was having a bit of a diapering identity crisis, if you will. I think part of it was I felt pressure to make it all myself. I have a crafting blog, for heaven's sake. But I just couldn't find the time or motivation to sit down and make all those prefolds, wipes and diaper bags that are required for full-time cloth diapering. So, a couple months ago, I bit the bullet. I just went out and BOUGHT everything I needed, and it's been smooth sailing since.

I bought cloth wipes and made a wipe solution I found in Soulemama's book, Handmade Home (Just thinking of the book makes me feel guilty all over again for not just making the wipes myself...).

I bought a diaper bag to hang next to the changing table (Again with the guilt about not making it myself!).

I'm also planning to phase out the use of paper towels, so I cut up some beat up clothes into rags for cleaning. The fabric below used to be Juicy Pants. And yes, I paid full price for them. A bit symbolic, don't you think? It made me reflect a bit about how my priorities have changed over the years. This simple family life I lead now is infinitely richer than my old life that somehow justified $88 sweatpants. Wow. Talk about the Granolafication of Miranda.