homemade holidays: lemon sandwiches with strawberries and cream

I made that! Doesn't it look good?! It was!

This Christmas, my mom and I had a long talk and decided that despite many of our strong feelings on what is ethically and health-wise the right way to eat, we were going to try our very hardest to have close to what would be considered a traditional Christmas dinner. It was a huge success. Everyone was thrilled to see ham, macaroni and cheese and yummy desserts make it back on the dinner table, even for only a day.

Since I had a whole lot to say on the topic (ahem, I guess I'm a little opinionated?), I thought I should probably contribute more than I have in the past. I found this dessert in one of our favorite cookbooks, Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros. I followed the directions exactly, except substituted strawberries for raspberries since my little girl is such a strawberry fan.

It was just lovely! I'd love to hear what kinds of foods are traditional at your Christmas table. Share in the comments if you have a minute!