crayon roll

I've admired crayon rolls made by others (especially these made by Ella of Little Red Caboose) for a while now and keep meaning to make one. I finally did! It's far from perfect, so I'll probably make another one soon, but for now, this one works. Fiona really likes it.

I am considering having an "art party" for Fiona for her second (wow) birthday party and I think these would make really cute favors for the kids, so I'll be refining the pattern over the next month or two. I'm trying to get started early so that I actually get some sleep the week before the party, unlike last year!

In the future I think I'll use an elastic loop instead of a tie though, so the little ones can roll them up themselves.

On another note, I've done a little restructuring around here. I gave my design studio it's own website, which can now be found here: My blog address is now:

Also, I started a Miranda Makes Facebook Page. You should click the "Like" button in the right column (but only if you really do!). I plan to share updates as well as inspiring and informative links. It should be fun!