fresh spaces

I don't like Winter. Every year, I try to get myself excited about spending more time indoors. It will be great, I tell myself, we'll all slow down and spend some cozy, quiet, contemplative time together. We'll read. We'll draw. We'll talk. And we do. We do all of that.

The thing is, I'd rather be outside. And when I'm outside, I'd rather it be warm. And at 5pm, I'd rather it be sunny. But, there is truth in all the convincing I'm doing, and the house is quite cozy on wintry days like today. In the summer, when so much time is spent roaming the neighborhood, our home becomes a bit neglected. After months of being mostly inside, we've made a lot of progress carving out spaces for each of us to read and draw and talk and all that. We've rearranged so many times this winter and I think we're finally happy with the layout.

When I got out the camera, Fiona leaned against her playstand and made this 'smile' face... Hah!

A ham, she is.