the birth


For the majority of this pregnancy, I planned on a home water birth. Unfortunately, at 36 weeks along, my home birth midwife had her license suspended (read her story here). At that point, I had to decide whether to quickly find and get to know a new home birth midwife or go back to the midwife group I was with for my first pregnancy. After some soul searching, I decided on the latter, and with that, chose to return to the same hospital at which I had a natural water birth with Fiona.

I had hoped for a natural water birth this time around too... and I did have a natural birth again (can I get a hell yeah?!), but it wasn't in the water. It was in the TRIAGE ROOM because every labor and delivery room was taken! And my midwife? She was with another mom who was pushing! So, for several hours, I was without a midwife, but I did have the greatest husband ever by my side. I couldn't have asked for a more calm, loving and steady presence throughout what was the most physically challenging experience of my life. It was much more intense than Fiona's birth. I didn't realize that was possible. My midwife, who had already delivered two babies that day, arrived just in time to start pushing. Phew!


After 6 1/2 hours of hard labor and an hour of pushing, screaming, crying hysterically, pushing more and generally losing my mind, my baby was placed on my chest. She lifted her head (really!) and looked straight into my eyes. In that moment, it didn't matter where we were or how hard I had to push to get this 10 lb baby out. She was here. Another little girl to love.


Welcome to the world, my sweet girl. I am going to do everything I can to make your life happy, cozy and full of love. I can't wait to get to know you.


My second daughter, Elsa Larkin.