father's day


This year for Father's Day, we made a banner with the message "Happy Father's Day" on one side and little notes from the kids on the other. To make the banner, we just cut rectangles out of stiff paper, cut two slices in the upper corners, and thread the ribbon through them. Elijah and I drew and decorated the letters with some help from Fiona, then we collaborated on the notes to Daddy on the back.


Sheldon and Elijah went through and savored each sweet little message. Among Elijah's notes were, "I like that he is my dad!" and "I love you because you are so cool!" (I agree, Elijah, he is pretty cool.)

To write Fiona's messages, I asked her "What do you like to do with Daddy?" Some of her answers were "Read books!" and "Go to coffee shop! Get cookies! And Daddy's coffee, and Mama's coffee and orange juice!"


Happy Father's Day, Sheldon. I couldn't ask for a more loving, supportive and fun partner in this parenting adventure. We are all so lucky to have you.

Happy Father's Day to my sweet Dad, too!