garden update

Remember when we first planted our garden and it looked like this? Well, it has grown quite a bit! Even better, it is growing things we can eat! Can you believe it?!

Peppers, several kinds of lettuce and tomatoes... I think we should have some strawberries too by now, but I have a sneaking suspicion they are being feasted on by some little creatures sharing our back patio.


Watching our little garden grow has been so great for all of us. It's a nice reprieve from this urban life we love, which sometimes leaves us in need of a little nature fix. The kids help with the watering, tending and picking, of course. Fiona insists we cut up each tomato we pick into four so we can each have a "little treat." We may not be growing much, but this little garden is teaching our children and reminding us that food comes from the earth, not from the store.