My husband calls me the ruminator. He's right. I like to tell myself that my over thinking habit has it's benefits, but it's probably part of the reason I'm not always so good at just being in the moment.

This has been one (of the many) great unexpected gifts of motherhood, the ability to be truly present. Every time I look at Fiona, I'm reminded that my time with this two year old doesn't last forever. This spirited, sweet, loving, curious and cute (really, really cute) two year old.


I'm mindful that Elijah won't always be a little boy. He is on the cusp. Six is such a transitional age. I remember being six. Before we know it, Elijah will have cooler things to do than frolic on the beach with his little sister. He'll always be sweet, I'm sure. But this sweet?


And I know she'll always be sweet. But this sweet?


So I pay attention to now. And appreciate now. Cause, god, now is so good.