can't. stop. baking.

I know that one day I won't be so thrilled by every single culinary success, but for now, I'm impressed with myself when anything tastes good. I haven't had much practice! So bear with me while I document such banal fare as banana muffins and applesauce cake. Though I'll admit the above honeycake cupcakes with lemon icing are kinda fancy. With the drippy icing and flowers and all. ;)

When I met Sheldon, he had this tattered old Fannie Farmer Cookbook. I like pretty cookbooks with lots of pictures, so I didn't take much notice of Miss Fannie at first. Little did I know that she would become my very own all-knowing expert on all things pertaining to the kitchen. I do believe I refer to Miss Fannie almost every time I cook or bake anything.

And almost as much as I love Miss Fannie for her practicality, I love Apples for Jam for its whimsy, where I got both the recipe for honeycake cupcakes at the top of this post and for the Jam Shortbread Sandwiches below.

There's something magical about baking isn't there? How can you have a bad day when you start it with a banana muffin and end it with shortbread?