a place for playing


Last weekend, we packed away Christmas. Fiona and I put on holiday music and carefully packed each ornament to be stored away until next year. Fiona was really into the whole process of it until suddenly, a look of terror crossed her face. She looked up at me and in the sweetest, most nervous voice, asked, "And my toys, too?" Oh, my sweet innocent child. It's hard to imagine what it must be like to be her age. Every experience new... and often confusing. "Of course not, Fiona! Your toys stay out all the time!" (And really, who would put them away when they are this beautiful?!)


I love looking at other's play spaces, so I thought you might like a better look at ours. This is what is seen as soon as someone enters our house. Fiona is such a good player. She really plays all day, so it's important that her playthings are in the heart of our living space. Everything she needs to imagine, create and play.

I just love this space. It's my favorite area of the house to tend to. I rearrange, reorganize and rethink it constantly. I think about all the playing Fiona and Elijah do in the space, dream of the playing Elsa has yet to do, and then (perhaps?) another child after that. And then if I'm feeling especially sentimental, I allow myself to dream even further. Could even more generations, one day, play in this same spot with these same toys? Oh, my heart just about bursts thinking about it. And isn't that part of the beauty of simple, natural and quality playthings? These toys are forever. 


Oh, and it's never this neat. Fiona and Daddy were on a walk, so I straightened up and took pictures real quick. ;)


And because the playspace isn't quite right without the girl who inspired it, one play action shot from when Fiona and Daddy got home from their walk...


The dollhouse baby in Fiona's hand looks to be in quite the perilous position. Mama should keep a better eye on her but is too busy napping in the front yard with the dog...