this winter

This winter, we are going to explore. Wear hats and gloves and boots and coats. Keep them by the door. At the ready. Take wandering walks in the morning. Run into friends at the playground in the afternoon. We'll build snowmen and make snow angels and go sledding. We won't retreat from the freezing temperatures. We won't hibernate. I'm of Norwegian stock, we were made for it after all.

This winter, we'll spend time with family. Parents and grandparents and brothers and sisters. Aunts and uncles and cousins. We'll nourish old friendships and grow new ones. We'll accept every invitation. We'll host parties and playdates. We'll have people for dinner and make enough food so they have some to take home.

This winter, we'll eat cozy things. Fresh bread and hot soup. We'll do cozy things. Take bubble baths and read books and cuddle under warm blankets. When the kids are asleep, we'll light candles and drink wine and stay up late. We'll dream of the future and be grateful for now.

This winter is going to be different. We won't hide from the season.

This winter, we'll revel in it.


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