handmade holidays: brag books

There hasn't been much 'making' these last couple months, but as everyone keeps reminding me, I have been doing the most important kind of making of all! A baby! Nonetheless, I wanted there to be some kind of creativity in my gift-giving. These albums are all more hand-assembled than handmade, so they were way less pressure and I could work on them while doing a million other things. There is nothing as distracting as having a newborn in the house.

What I underestimated is how much time it would take to look through three years of photos to pick out the best for each person. Holy crap, I take a lot of pictures. Also, the art of photo albuming is much different than blogging when it comes to the kind of picture that works. As in, there should be faces in the photos. :)

The ones for my mom were personalized with an E for Elsa and an F for Fiona. Oh, and birds, to boot! Have I mentioned my mom loves birds? I got the albums here and the gold letters are by Martha Stewart Crafts. I bought them locally.

Cute, right?