handmade holidays: personalized sketch books

What a crappy week we're having! Fiona has croup. At one point, her fever went up to 103.8! She was shaking. It was horrible. She is finally perking up a bit today. Though, after 4 days at home, despite being a bit of a homebody, even I feel like I'm going to lose my mind cooped (crouped?) up in this house. Sheldon suggested that we take a ride to the drive thru Starbucks. Good idea! I used to do that with Fiona during her early, colicky days. But before we go, another simple little project from Christmas...

So, I went a little crazy this year with the Martha Stewart alphabet stickers. They are such a fun way to personalize without having to get out every crafting material in the (already messy) house. It's nice to have the kids make something for each other and since Elijah's sisters love to draw (barring the one whose only interest is nursing at this point), sketch books seemed like a great idea.

Elijah placed the letters for each of the girls names on the front cover and then included a note and drawing on the first page of each book. He is such a sweet and thoughtful boy. For several nights, after Fiona went to bed, Elijah worked hard on each book creating a personal message and drawing especially for each sister.