house love holidays

We had a great weekend. It was Fell's Point Festival, so we hung out with neighbors and friends. I love the scene of all the little local kids, wide-eyed, running around in the closed off streets, watching puppet shows and eating something fried. It's wonderful.

In other news, a new offering from House Love Shop! Holiday Card designs! It seems a little early to be talking about the winter holidays, when we are just starting to feel the chill in the air, noticing the changing leaves and consuming pumpkin everything. But since these are custom, it doesn't hurt to get started early. So, here's how it works...

If you already own a House Love print, you can purchase a holiday card addition listing in my shop. Then, email me at to let me know what kind of message and holiday details (wreath, menorah, lights, etc.) you would like added to your already designed house illustration. I'll send you a printable PDF that you can either print at home or use with an online printer.

If you do not own a House Love print and you'd like customized holiday cards, you will need to order a House Love Holiday Package. This includes a House Love Custom House Illustration as well as your customized holiday card design.

I'm also trying to work on some other card designs that are not custom. I thought an urban florist would make a sweet thank you card with the words "Thank You. Truly." written on the front window where the shop's name might normally be. I think they turned out very cute and I hope to make them, along with others, available in my shop soon. For now, I've been slipping them into the envelope as a little extra gift when I send out finished house prints.

This past Friday, Jen of Classic Play hosted a small get together of Baltimore lifestyle/design bloggers at Trohv. (Thanks for inviting me, Jen!) I got to meet and hang out with some great people who I've only known from the other side of a screen. It was lovely. I decided it would be fun to turn the thank you cards into a little package to give the other guests.

Oh, and one more thing. Did you notice the new look? I was actually really sad to see the family feet banner go, but it felt like it was time to update the look and increase the picture size. For posterity, I'm going to paste the old banner here as a record. Oh my, those feet. I love them so and all the people to whom they belong. My sweet family.

The new design is definitely a work in progress. What do you think? Do you miss the old banner, too? ;)