charming little gift packages


My wonderful husband stayed home from work today so I could continue my House Love marathon for an extra day. I am a house illustrating machine, I tell you! Today, I finished up these darling little gift certificate packages. They include the gift certificate with a personalized message (in red) along with three miniature examples of my work. They are wrapped with red and white twine tying everything together. They are so, so cute. I kind of want to eat them. (Weird?)

Oh, and if your order is not a Christmas gift, I'm happy to change the graphic on the certificate to a menorah for Hanukkah or a banner for birthdays. :)

Since I stopped taking holiday orders (Due to overwhelming demand!), I really wanted to make gift certificates available that felt like substantial gifts in themselves. I think this little set does the trick!

To order a gift certificate package redeemable any time after January 1st, please visit my shop! And again, thanks so much for all your orders and support. It means so much to me.