whipped cream painting

First off, I'd like to welcome all the visitors who came over from author, Ashley English's blog, Small Measure! I follow her blog and her book Canning & Preserving has been on my wish list for a long time, so I was really excited to see that she linked to me in her Friday post, What I'm Digging. My blog has become such a fun, natural extension of our family life and it means a lot to me when people read and enjoy it. Thanks so much, Ashley!

So, This past week we spread out our ugly/kitchy/astroturfy but very functional drop cloth and did some whipped cream painting. So fun and yummy! We used heavy whipping cream and shook it in a mason jar until it turned to cream. (if you keep shaking, it turns to butter! Making butter makes me feel like I live in the Little House books... and I LOVE the Little House books. Gratuitous link to Fiona dressed like a farm girl here.)

When we were done shaking, we separated the cream into 3 jars and added food coloring to each jar. I like that Fiona was involved in the whole process. She was really into it.

Then she "painted the birds" on the cute little tray Grammie gave us.

... And did some tasting, too!

It would have made this Mama's heart hurt to waste all that cream when we were done painting, so we had chocolate ice cream with green cream for lunch. I think it might have been Fiona's favorite day ever. She asked to paint those silly birds and eat ice cream for lunch again every day that week. I said no, of course, we need variety in our diet! So, we had chocolate hearts from Valentine's Day instead. Just kidding, kind of.

This homemade chocolate ice cream is a recipe I've perfected over the last year, and definitely deserves its own post soon. It's Sheldon's favorite. I make it at least once a week for my chocolate-loving man. :)