soaring hearts for my littles

Valentine's Day is a good excuse to make cute little things and eat chocolate, yes? This year, I wanted to sew something out of wool felt. Something shaped like a heart. Hmmm... Then I thought of it! A soaring heart! (Similar concept as shooting star bean bags I have seen around before.) I chose felt and fabric that reminded me of each kid. Elsa's is on the left, then Elijah's, then Fiona's. I think they'll like tossing them around.

I kind of love these. They are so cute and a sweet way to tell your kids that they make your heart soar. Which mine most definitely do.

I wish I had thought of it earlier, because I could have made a couple extra to put in my (very bare) Etsy Shop in time for Valentine's Day. Maybe I'll put together a tutorial? I think they make such a sweet gift for little loved ones.

It's nice to keep the holiday handmade rather than going too commercial with it. Have you been doing any Valentine's Day crafting?