{this moment}

{this moment} is a Friday ritual inspired by SouleMama.

Although my most treasured moments in life surely involve my children being awake, this (kind of crappy) week, it seemed fitting to feature the much-desired simultaneous naptime.


I am having a hard time. I feel overwhelmed and under qualified. I am so aware lately of my lack of experience, in everything and in motherhood. I was only 21 years old, had just graduated from college and gotten my first 'real job', when I met my husband and stepson and had to learn a whole lot about life really fast. Sometimes I feel like I am still catching up. I have this distinct feeling that I will find my footing one day, that there is a confidence out there that I'm sure to find, but I won't find it in a book, I won't find it by trying really hard, I'll only find it when enough days, months, years have passed.

Recently, I've made many tearful phone calls to my mom and my husband, two people who know me well, and both had the same advice each time, "Go for a walk." And I did. And it made it better. I have found it so difficult to meet all our needs during the day, and walking is one of the few things that seems to do that.

Despite the stressful tone our days have taken lately, our walks remain calm and slow and beautiful. They allow me to quiet the inner chatter, abandon the introspection for a moment, and look outward. I usually arrive home feeling more grounded, with a simpler appreciation for where I am now, both physically and in life.

So next Friday, I am starting a new series where I post a photo from one of our walks that week—just something we saw that we were able to stop and appreciate.

If you usually click over to my {moment} each week from Soulemama, I hope you will keep visiting on Fridays, although I'll no longer be posting a link there. I don't want to give up the weekly ritual of posting a photo on Fridays, but want to shift my focus a bit. This new series will be in the same spirit, but will focus on finding the beauty in our surroundings. Hope to see you next Friday.