water?! in the front room?!

My Dad and I used to make little paper boats out of dollar bills and leave them as tips at restaurants. I thought is was so fun as a kid and was so proud of myself that I could do it from memory. I waited tables through college and had families do the same thing for me a couple times. It always made me smile.

I showed the kids the other day how to make one and wanted to show Fiona that it really does float "like a real boat!" As I brought out the tub and told Fiona the plan, she exclaimed in amazement, "Water?! In the front room?!" Turns out that huge, tacky drop cloth was one of the best purchases ever. I am so much more fun now! No mess to worry about! I am totally laid back and not uptight at all! ;)

Fiona played with the water for a good half hour while I nursed Elsa. Then she got back to her real job lately of tying, hanging and otherwise attaching various things together...

Very important work, I tell you. Truly.