the basics: chicken stock

Good broth resurrects the dead. ~South African Proverb

Since I've gone pro with this homemaking thing, I thought I should brush up on (or learn!) the basics. Chicken stock seemed like a good place to start. It took about 24 hours start to finish, such a slow and glorious process.

It's really amazing, the healing qualities of a good chicken soup, and it just feels like something that a Mama needs to know how to make well. Not to mention the appeal of buying a whole chicken, eating baked chicken for dinner, chicken salad for lunch the next day, then chicken soup later in the week.

To make the stock, I used the book, Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats as my guide. It's a really comprehensive look at nutrition and a beautiful manual to cooking traditional, family food.

I'm excited to really dive into these skills with a new focus, food preparation, homemaking, bodycare. Some ideas I have for future topics in the basics series are: knitting a hat, planting a garden, making jam and sewing a simple quilt.

What would you add to that list? What skills are invaluable in running a household, keeping your family well-fed and healthy and keeping your home beautiful and functional?