felt scraps garland

When I was looking at my growing basket of felt scraps and it occured to me—felt garland!—I knew it was very unlikely I was the first crafter to have this idea. Sure enough, I googled it and they are all over the place! I love having reusable decorations for celebrations, not only because it's less wasteful, but also because I like that my kids remember from year to year. It's a nice reminder of how many special times we have spent together and how very much we've had to celebrate over the years. Yes, traditions are good.

My fabric bunting, which was originally meant to only be brought out for celebrations, has found a permanent home in the play room. (I couldn't resist! It looks so sweet in there!) So, as hard as it may be, I am vowing that this garland will only come out on special occasions.

The project took only 20 minutes, start to finish. All I did was go through my scraps and cut them down so that they were all a somewhat uniform size. Then I sewed them all together. Done!

Where did the scraps come from, you might ask? Fairy wands, of course! (More on those later!)