the basics: baked chicken

So, next on my list of The Basics is baked chicken. I was pretty excited when I saw this chicken with a 5 on Whole Food's 5-Step Animal Rating system from White Oak Pastures. We mostly get our meat from MOM's and the Fell's Point Farmer's Market, but if there were some more humane options at Whole Foods, that would be really convenient.

I made the chicken by puting a pad or two of butter under the skin, then rubbing another pad over the entire outside. I stuffed it with a quartered onion and a handful of rosemary (from our garden!), then baked it at 350 degrees for about an hour and a half. It turned out really well. The great thing about chicken is everyone in the family eats it. Even the picky ones.

I'm always curious about family recipes and techniques. Do you have any special way of baking a chicken? How about your mother and grandmother?