the song, the cake, the candles

Leading up to her birthday party, all Fiona could talk about was how all her family and friends were going to sing happy birthday to her. She would insist we all rehearse the song several times a day and she would practice blowing out the candles. I think, when the moment finally came, it was everything she'd dreamed it would be. It was such a happy moment for all of us! As Fiona gets older, I can see her starting to value traditions and rituals like this. It's really exciting to experience that with her.

Oh, and the night before Fiona's birthday party, I realized I couldn't find my camera battery charger. Thanks to Jenny (Elijah's mom) for the top three photos!

Above is the lone piece of cake left the day after the party (The day I frantically drove to three different stores to find a new charger). I used this cake recipe with this icing, both from Smitten Kitchen. It's such a perfect, classic birthday cake. Everyone loved it, including the birthday girl!

Next week's posts will be all about Fiona's spring fairy party, so come back to see the fun details.