fiona's spring fairy party

This is the first year that Fiona has looked forward to her birthday party, old enough to really understand that friends would be gathering for a celebration all about her! I wanted it to be as special as she dreamed it would be. She has always been a very imaginative girl, weaving intricate stories with her dolls and animals. Lately, many of her stories are centered around the adventures of her finger puppet fairies. Yes! A Spring Fairy Party!

I started the party with a little puppet show to introduce the kids to Fiona's secret fairy world. Elijah played the part of the mischievous Summer Fairy, Sam.

The Search for Fairy Crystals

Winter Fairy: Hello, Children! I am Susan, the Winter Fairy. I am mother of all the fairies. I heard that it was Fiona’s birthday, so I created this beautiful fairy crystal necklace to give her. Here, my child! Now, let me introduce you all to my daughter, the Spring Fairy. It is Spring after all!

Spring Fairy: Hey, kids! I’m Rosie, the Spring Fairy and I have little gifts for all of you! I gathered more fairy crystals like the one in Fiona’s necklace. I was going to just give them to each of you, but my very mischievous brother, Sam, the Summer Fairy, hid them! Didn’t you Sam?

Summer Fairy: Yes! I hid them in the back garden. You’ll never find them!

Winter Fairy: Oh, Sam! These are some very clever children.  I’m sure they will find the fairy crystals! Maybe I should send my daughter, Genevieve, the Autumn Fairy, to help you all!

Autumn Fairy: Yes! Yes! I’ll help you kids find the crystals! Come on, let’s go in the back garden and look!

After watching the play, the kids looked for the magic fairy crystals and bought them back to me. I gave each child a little fabric bag for their crystal and presented them with an official fairy wand. Now they are fairies, too! Come back tomorrow for more about the wands. They turned out really cute!

(I always suspected butterflies to be very fond of fairies!)