bibs for the littlest (and her big sister, too)

If Elsa had her way, she would've been eating solid food at four months. Yesterday, she literally almost got a piece of broccoli out of my hand and into her mouth. I remember at Fiona's six month birthday party (You seriously have to click on that link because Fiona is so cute), I set her first food in front of her, mashed up banana. She looked at me like, "You're kidding, right? You think I'm going to eat this?" They really come into this world their own person, don't they? It's a good reminder that so much of who our children are isn't up to us. They are who they are.

Anyway, I didn't make these bibs because I expect that Elsa will be eating any time soon. (Patience, my child, you have a lifetime of eating ahead of you!) I made them because, well, Elsa drools. A lot. Far more than Fiona ever did. (Did Fiona ever drool?) Another example of how very different two little Altschuler girls can be.

When Fiona saw the bibs all sitting out in the morning, she said, "Mama, you make these for me?!" I explained to her that no, they were for Elsa, but she wasn't having any of it and wore 'hers' proudly all day. She even did a bib dance (remember the apron dance?) and sang a bib song that ended with, "My bib is so awesome to meeee!"



Fabric is Sarah Jane Studios. Pattern is the Liberty Bib from the Purl Bee.