hopscotch skirt

These photos are cracking me up. Especially the top one. What a ham! I just love her!

A new made-by-Mama skirt—just your basic elastic waistband. The extra stitch along the top makes the waistband sit really nicely. I think many more skirts in this style are in order, don't you? So quick and great for summer.

The cute hopscotch fabric is Sarah Jane Studios again. You'll be seeing many more pieces made with Sarah Jane's Children at Play line. I bought a lot of it, planning a quilt, but I've decided I can't take on a quilt right now and I'd prefer to make a bunch of smaller projects with it.

I'm hoping to keep up the momentum. I signed up for the Kids' Clothes Week Challenge over on Elsie Marley. It's a commitment to spend an hour a day this week working on making some kids' clothes. I'm hoping by the end of the week to have another couple skirts for Fiona, a dress for Elsa, and hopefully some pairs of shorts. Did any of you sign up for the Kids' Clothes Week Challenge?