matching skirts

You thought the girls were going to be in matching skirts, didn't you? I'm hoping to make that happen, soon. We as a family are not too cool to match. ;)

We've had a somewhat stressful (understatement) couple of weeks around here and Fiona has heard "no" many more times a day than she's used to. So, when I showed her the new skirt I made her the other morning and she asked if I could make one for Mr. Duck, too, I started to say, "Not tod—," then reconsidered. "Actually, yes! Yes we can!" And we did. And it was fun.

This time around, I made Fiona's skirt a little bigger and longer (than the hopscotch skirt) and added a little binding around the bottom. It turned out cute! Mr. Duck's skirt turned out pretty cute, too.

I'll have more kids' clothes to show you next week! (As part of Kids' Clothes Week Challenge!)