a lot of good eggs

I realize this post would've been way more relevant before Easter, but we didn't dye our eggs until Saturday. At least it can be a reference for next year! This year, we did the classics—drawing on the eggs with beeswax crayons and wrapping them with rubber bands to resist the dyes—but we also added some new techniques...

Natural Dyes: We used onion for ochre and turmeric for yellow by boiling them with water and vinegar. I also tried to use grape juice to make lavender, but that didn't work!

Cheesecloth and Plant Eggs: I found this technique on Pinterest. They were "uploaded by user" and I wasn't able to find an original source. Here's the link to the pin in my boards. (If this was your upload, let me know and I'll link to you!) I used cheesecloth rather than stockings, but the same idea. I mostly made these myself with some help from Fiona at the end to peel off the little plants. They turned out so pretty!

Watercolor Eggs: These were good for Fiona, as there was a more immediate result. She just painted directly on the eggs.

Egg Illustrations: I printed out these cute egg illustrations from fifth & hazel on watercolor paper. So while the watercolors were out, Fiona painted those in, too. She did such a beautiful job!

... And after all that egg wrapping, coloring, dyeing, and painting, I brought the carton of raw eggs to Easter lunch at my Aunt's instead of our beautifully dyed hard-boiled eggs. I guess we'll be having a lot of egg salad this week! Hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend!