she likes it!

I considered naming this post a lot of different things. Among the ideas were: the clouds have lifted, a new dawn and just when it felt like the world was going to end, she finally decided to like the sling. Those sounded a touch dramatic, so I thought she likes it! would suffice. Yes, the big news is... Elsa likes the Beco!

I wrote a few posts a while back about the hard time I was having (here and here). I felt overwhelmed caring for newborn Elsa while meeting Fiona's needs all day. I know I'm not alone. Every mom I talked to mirrored my feelings. No one has an easy adjustment to two. But, in the past couple weeks, there has been a shift. We are having fun again and I am getting tastes of the deep happiness that being a Mama brings me.

I owe much of this to my trusty sling, which Elsa has decided to love just as much as her big sister once did. I carry her for hours everyday. With hands free to tend to Fiona and minds free to wander, we are settling into our warm weather rhythm. We take long walks everyday. We walk by the water. We stop at the playground. We go to the book store and the science center. We run into friends. I am just so happy and I can feel that it's only going to get better. Oh yes, life is good.

Me and my girls.