Yesterday, Fiona was running frantically from room to room obviously looking for something important. I watched her a few minutes (One of my favorite pastimes. Watching her.), until I finally asked, "Fiona, whatcha looking for?"

"My notebook! I need to write it!"

I helped her find her notebook and she wrote an F. She's written letters here and there, she can identify them all now. We play little letter games throughout the day. She asks me to spell and write her family and friends' names often, but it hadn't occurred to me until yesterday to ask her if she could write her name. So I asked her.

"How 'bout the next letter in your name?" and she wrote an i. "And the next letter?" and she wrote an o. Until, holy crap, the child just wrote her name.

I try not to make too big of a deal about things like this. I allow her to take the lead in her learning. I like the way this article words it. (Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth!) I "strew her path with interesting things" and feel confident she will take care of the rest. So, who knows, maybe she'll focus on writing more in the coming months, or maybe she'll put down her pen and concentrate on learning to jump from the third step like a big girl. Either one is fine with me, but I do think that writing one's name for the first time is an event worth documenting.


Sandpaper letters by Polliwog Learning Products on Etsy. We have the numbers, too.