house love happens

I've already had quite a few orders for custom prints since introducing House Love two weeks ago. They are all in different stages of completion at the moment, but I thought I'd share the finished houses with you. This one was ordered by my friend Val for her sister Leigh and her husband as an anniversary gift. Isn't their house gorgeous? I love the futura house numbers and the crab knocker.

Val sent this beautiful picture of her sister's art wall. Can you spot the house love print among all that loveliness? (Thanks for permission to share this picture, Leigh!)

Another friend, Molly, ordered a print for a Mom in her playgroup who is moving. The whole playgroup pitched in and they asked me to include a little message at the bottom. A very sweet keepsake, I think.

I am planning on putting together a little city block of Sheldon's favorite places for Father's Day. I started with Bertha's, naturally. I'll let you know when I get the whole block done. I think it will turn out cute.

I made a custom shop or restaurant illustration available in my shop. I may also start a "Baltimore Love" section with some favorite local places. Any suggestions for classic Baltimore spots I should include prints of?