what it's really about


I talked a little last week about watching my children play. I love it so. Self-initiated, independent play is such an important part of exploring and learning about the world around them. I am so aware that this stage won't last forever. Babies don't keep, as they say.

The thing is, since this blog has more readers than I expected, more than just family and friends, sometimes I worry about boring you. I start to feel like I should post something new! And exciting! But then I'd be getting away from what this blog is really about. A record of our beautiful family life. A place we can always visit to remember and relive special moments and everyday moments. 

So, I guess I am kind of reclaiming this space as my own. Not that I ever lost it, but maybe I felt like it should be something different. Or something more. Like I would be missing an opportunity if I didn't make it bigger and better. But, I am not a 'Blogger' (with a capital B). And I think I'm good with that. This blog is about my kids. It's about me and my family. Stuff we make or do, places we go. That's enough. That's what feels right.

I don't want to forget the everyday moments, so I am going to try to post pictures like this more often. Our life at home. These are of Fiona playing with her play silks. She wraps them around her as capes and dresses. She throws them in the air and they become fireworks. She lays them over her dolls and they become blankets.


And some pictures of the girls at their kitchen. Fiona looking like a little mama standing on her chair to reach the top shelf. And Elsa holding her own just fine.


Life is sweet. Remember that.