my prima ballerina


Fiona had her first dance class on Saturday. She's shown an interest in the past couple months, so we signed her up. We talked about it all week, watched YouTube videos of ballerinas and gathered what we needed. Ballet shoes, tap shoes and a leotard. When we got to class, Fiona immediately started getting ready. She took off her rain boots and put on her ballet shoes. She stood with the other cute kids and started practicing. I felt so proud of her!


Then the teacher said the parents had to leave the room. I calmly told the teacher that Fiona has never been with anyone but myself, my husband or her grandmother and that if I could just sit in the back I would not be disruptive. The teacher sweetly told me again that parents were not allowed in the room. Oh no! I told Fiona that I had to go outside in the hall. That she could stay in class and dance while I waited in the hall, or she could come out with me, but that she wouldn't be able to be in the class if she came with me. She decided to stay. This is the last picture I took before leaving the room.


I watched much of the class through a little square window in the door. Fiona was the perfect balance of focused and playful. I started out a bit teary from the surprise of having to leave, but I enjoyed watching on and she did so well without me. I took these pictures through the little window.


I am excited about entering this new stage of parenting. To see where Fiona's interests take her. To learn even more about who she is. I'm so honored to be a part of it, really.