the fourth, twenty twelve


We celebrated the fourth and watched the fireworks from the deck at Living Classrooms, as we do every year. (Though a few regulars were missing: Caryn and Leslie!) This has become such a treasured yearly tradition for all of us. Fiona often reminisces about the fireworks as we pass by the docks on our morning walk.

The night before, She was chatting away about what the fireworks were going to be like. Then, with a mischievous grin, she said, "What if we made a sink and made the water go up INTO the fireworks?!  That would be silly! And ridiculous! It would be a disaster! So horrible  and gorgeous!" Oh my. This girl.


Elsa slept through the fireworks, snuggled in the sling, just as her big sister did on her first Fourth of July. It was a nice, cozy day with family and friends. Happy America!!! (To quote the random girl outside the liquor store!)